Is Morocco a safe country?

Morocco is a safe destination to visit. As a visitor, you’re unlikely to be assaulted or gravely injured because there is just a minor crime (scams and pickpockets). Morocco is currently highly secure to travelers

How to dress in Morocco as a female traveller?

If you’re considering a trip to Morocco, you’re undoubtedly aware that it’s a Muslim country with specific dress codes for women. Even though no one expects you to dress like a local Moroccan, there are still principles you should follow to honor the culture and avoid unwanted attention. For a female traveler, the usual rule is to wear loose clothing that does not disclose too much of your body.

What is Moroccan currency? Can I use Dollars and Euros?

Although Euros, US Dollar, and Sterling are accepted in some tourist destinations, the Moroccan currency (the Moroccan Dirham) is necessary for day-to-day transactions. Dirham may be received via bureau de change in airports, big banks, and hotels or through cash machines, which are widely available in major towns and cities and accept most credit and debit cards. Outside of Morocco, several bureaus de change now provide Dirham. However, they tend to give bad conversion rates. The simplest and cheapest approach is to use a debit card at an ATM. Unfortunately, cash points are scarce in rural and small towns, and credit cards are frequently refused. In any case, notify your bank ahead of time if you plan to use a card to avoid any transactions being declined as a fraud prevention precaution. The Moroccan central bank determines the value of the Moroccan Dirham. Some larger merchants take Euros and British Pounds Sterling. Traveler’s checks are handy in an emergency, but cashing them might take longer. To swap excess Dirham, you’ll need a currency exchange slip.

What currencies do you accept for the remaining balance?

We do accept Moroccan Dirhams Euros, US Dollars, and Sterling. Please refer to as a conversion base.